Disney Blog Bites November 10, 2013

This edition of blog bites features two helpful tips. The first should save you a few bucks on stroller rental, and the second clarifies the truth on Disney World's cancellation policy.

Tip #1
Erin Foster from shares these valuable stroller tips

The Walt Disney World rental strollers currently (autumn 2013) cost:
$15 for a single day, single stroller rental
$31 for a single day, double stroller rental
$13 per day for a length of stay (multi-day) single stroller rental
$27 per day for a length of stay (multi-day) double stroller rental

Do the math and you’ll find that renting a double stroller for a week will cost $189.00. Run a quick search on for “double umbrella stroller” and you’ll find dozens of models for sale for less than half that price. Even if you leave the stroller at Walt Disney World and never use it again, you’re still coming out ahead financially.
Typical Walt Disney World single rental stroller

How does length-of-stay pricing work?
On the first day of your visit, stop by any of the stroller rental stands at the theme parks. Let them know how long you’ll be visiting Walt Disney World, and they’ll charge you the discounted length-of-stay rate. You will also be given a receipt which shows that you’ve paid for your entire visit. Any time you need a stroller during the rest of your vacation, go up to one of the stroller rental stands and show them the receipt. They’ll give you a stroller at no additional charge.

Tip #2
Ronnie from invited travel agent Crystal Seaton on to answer questions about booking a WDW vacation. She mentioned the cancellation policy and how you can use it to your advantage…

If pricing is out for your time period, go ahead and book your trip. Disney has awesome cancellation policies. You can cancel a package up until 44 days prior to arrival with no penalty at all. Just $200 holds a package and if you book it now, you can make payments if you choose. There is absolutely no risk at this point.

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