Using Your Credit Card to Save at Disney World

Some methods of saving money at Disney World require a little more advanced planning, but the dividends can pay off well. A great example of this is using the Disney Rewards Credit Card to earn points towards your vacation. These points are redeemable in a number of different ways. 

Here is an overview on how the system works:

The Disney Rewards Visa earns a one percent rebate on all of your purchases. This includes purchases at restaurants, gas stations, online, and anywhere else that accepts Visa. At the end of each month your rebates are automatically converted into Disney Reward Dollars. To give an example, you would receive one reward dollar for every $100 spent on combined purchases.

There are a number of different options for redeeming your Disney Rewards Dollars, including retail items such as Disney DVDs, toys, and clothing. But for those who are planning a Disney World trip, the rewards can also be used for accommodations at Disney hotels, or for admission credits to Disney World. There is a maximum accumulation of 750 Rewards Dollars per year, but that would mean spending $75,000 worth of charges (unlikely for most people). All Rewards Dollars are valid for up to five years after they are awarded. 

Another great feature of this card is the six-months no interest option available on the purchase of certain Disney Vacation Packages. By using your card to purchase your vacation, you essentially save another one percent with the points earned, and you save off the interest charges. Cardholders will also find a handful of other savings opportunities within the theme park when paying with their Disney Rewards Card. At the time of this writing, there was a special bonus offer for a $15 Disneystore gift card for new applicants. 

By planning ahead and using your card to make all of your family's purchases, you could save hundreds of dollars off your Disney vacation. Of course you should always be careful to avoid interest charges since they might wipe out the value of any reward you receive.

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