A Guide to Cheap Disney World Souvenirs

Family vacations are full of great memories and it is always fun to bring home a couple of souvenirs to remember your trip by. There is no shortage of gift and souvenir stations at Disney World, but you will certainly pay a premium on anything you buy inside the park.

Of course you can avoid the markups at the Disney World gift shops by mapping out a strategy beforehand. In fact, DW veterans know there are plenty of other options out there. To help you save money in this department we have put together this guide to finding cheap Disney World souvenirs…

Cheapest Stores for Disney World Gifts:

Disney’s Character Premiere Store at Orlando Premium Outlets
Located about 15 minutes NE of Disney World, the Character Premiere Store is a popular destination for Disney World tourists. Most of the items are closeouts from the main resort, so the quality and prices are good.

Wal-Mart on Turkey Lake Road
Located NE of Disney World by about 20 minutes, this particular Walmart is not only handy for stocking up on essentials, but it is also a great place to find cheap Disney World souvenirs. How cheap? Well, we’ve seen reports of $7 DW t-shirts on some of travel forums!

International Drive Flea Market
For those looking for a little bit of everything, the Flea Market on International Drive in Orlando is just the place. With over 400 booths in one building, you’ll find everything from purses and furniture to toys and Disney World memorabilia. Click the video below for more information on this eclectic shopping destination…

Simple Strategies to Maximize Your Souvenir Budget:

– Kids love to get autographs from the theme park characters. Plan ahead and save money by making your own autograph books using generic notebooks decorated with Disney stickers.

– Buy the light up bracelets and gadgets for considerably less from vendors outside the parks.

– Have a kid who likes to dress up? Save on over-priced costumes and make-up stands inside Disney World by making or buying a costume before going to the park.

– Set aside a souvenir allowance amount for each kid in your party. This controls costs and teaches an important lesson in budgeting!

– One creative idea that will last throughout your park travels is collecting pressed pennies. There are a number of penny presses around the park that will turn your penny into a lasting memento of each ride/attraction.

You can buy Disney World pressed pennies books for about $10 each in the gift shops. After that you simply need to bring some rolls of quarters and shiny pennies with you on your travels. Your kids will have fun searching for penny presses of their favorite rides and shows, and they had a blast searching out their favorite characters.

– Pin trading is another popular activity while at Disney World. As you probably guessed, pins purchase inside the theme park are significantly more expensive then those available from other sources. If you plan ahead you can buy a small lot of them off eBay for about $1 each and your kids can trade them in the park.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to save money on your vacation with cheap Disney World souvenirs. Feel free to share your ideas in the comment box below!

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