What You Need to Know about Disney World Tickets

Disney World and Disneyland theme parks are probably the most popular theme parks in the world. Attractions, rides, characters, the works, lots of fun for the children, as well as the parents. The big dream of most young children is to go to Disneyland or Disney World. While you can let the spontaneity guide your Disney vacation, this vacation though can cost you an arm and a leg.

The Disney World tickets to get in the theme parks are one of the major contributors to it. For an example, the Disney World tickets can cost you around $250 for 4 people age 10+ for one day or little over $100 for two children ages 3-9. In fact, if you plan your Disney World vacation, you can save tremendously on tickets as opposed to going there unprepared.

To compare the savings, if you plan on staying there 5 days, you don't want to buy Disney World theme park tickets each and every day. That will cost you around $315 per person for ages 10+ or $260 for ages 3-9. But if you buy a 5-day ticket, you will only pay around $200 per person for ages 10+ ($115 of savings) or $162 per person for ages 3-9 (around $100 in savings). Also, buying tickets in advance instead of waiting to get them at the gate will offer you even more savings.

It would be in your financial benefit to spend some time developing an itinerary before you buy your Disney World tickets. It all depends on how you plan to spend your days. There are lots of legitimate ways to get discounted Disney World tickets. Unfortunately, there are also lots of places where you can get ripped off. So, be very careful.

Do not buy Disney World theme park tickets from a booth on the side of the road and outside of Disney. You would have no idea if your Disney World tickets are valid or not. The only way you would know that you're purchasing valid Disney World park tickets is directly from Disney or from an authorized reseller on the Internet.

The Florida Sun-Sentinel released an article about the scam artists selling discount Disney World theme park tickets. The article was talking about some scam artists selling Disney World tickets that were not being full tickets but partially used tickets that legally aren't suppose to be sold. Also, some Disney World tickets at deep discounts were linked to timeshare pitches (explanation toward the end of this article). And even some scam artists were selling fake Disney World tickets.

There are several legitimate online resellers that sell Disney World tickets other than Disney themselves (,, At these online stores make sure you check their shipping charges (if any). Sometimes you will find an excellent price, but once you add the shipping to it, it is cheaper to go elsewhere.

Also companies, such as Travelocity and Expedia, have longstanding relationship with the world's most popular vacation destinations including Disney World and Disneyland. They could afford to give you discounted Disney World theme park tickets if you book your vacation through them.

The discounted Disney World theme park tickets are a part of the whole vacation package. They may lose money on the tickets by giving them to you at a cheaper price while they buy them at the regular price, but they'll make up the difference from the vacation package that you're booking through them. So, the discounted Disney World tickets could be just a lure to get you to book your Disney vacation with them. If it fits your budget and your vacation plan, get the benefit of cheaper tickets.

Disney World tickets linked to timeshare pitches. You'll eventually bump into websites that will offer you a deep, deep discount on Disney World tickets. You might save anywhere around $250 for a 2 or 3 day Disney World ticket and up to $350 on a single 5-day Disney World theme park ticket. These are valid tickets but under a condition. You have to attend a “no obligation, interesting and entertaining” 90-minute or-so presentation.

If you have “time to burn” on your Disney World vacation and you're resistant to sales pitches, you could take advantage of this offer and actually benefit. The 90-minute presentation actually lasts a whole lot longer. They need to “massage” you before they “grill” you. You're also invited to a complementary breakfast before the presentation begins. And the presentation is loaded with sales pitches. They will make the money (that they will lose by selling you the Disney World tickets at deep discounts while they buy them at the regular price) by selling you something at this “no obligation, interesting and entertaining” presentation.

So, if you're easy on pulling your credit card at every sales pitch that hits you, this may not be for you as those are the kind of people that they're looking for. They will make a lot more money on the back end from the “easy-to-sell-people” than the money that they will lose by selling you the Disney World tickets at deep discounts.

When you think about it, the “easy-to-sell-people” are the only ones that will actually fall for this so-called “presentation.” But, eventually some hard-headed “smart” and “sales-pitch-resistant” people will take advantage of this deep discount since they will benefit from this offer. The companies that offer these discounted Disney World and Disneyland theme park tickets attached to timeshare pitches know that the odds are in their favor. A higher number of “easy-to-sell-people” fall for this offer than “hard-headed” and “sales-pitch-resistant” people. So the money that they will make from these “easy-to-sell-people” at these “presentations” will compensate for the loss from the deep discount on Disney World tickets and a whole lot more. They will make a lot of profit. Otherwise, they wouldn't offer it if they don't make a significant profit from it.

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