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Seven Secrets To Save On A Disney World Vacation

A Disney World vacation can be an expensive trip of a lifetime. There are some very easy ways that you can save hundreds of dollars on your next Disney World vacation just by using some basic tips. So how can you be the family who gets better value out of their vacation? How can you avoid the mistakes that most Disney vacationers make?

1. Buy the Right Ticket

There are so many combinations of Disney World tickets available. This is the one area that people have told me time after time that they find the most confusing. You spend hours of research just working out what all the options mean, and then you have to start searching for the best place to buy. If you take some time to understand all the options available you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.

2. Choose the Right Place to Stay

The Disney World hotels are great places to stay – but they can be expensive. You can save hundreds of dollars and have a great Disney World vacation by staying in a Florida vacation rental home. Why would you want to stay in a small hotel room when you can stay in a beautiful resort Florida vacation rental home close to the Disney parks? Most homes are within 10 or 15 minutes of all the theme parks – so just the same and sometimes closer than the hotels. Plus you will get so much space for you and your family.

Most Florida vacation rental homes have a private swimming pool. Imagine coming home from the parks and relaxing in your own private swimming pool and spa. Many villas are beautifully maintained and are used by the owners as their second home.

3. Get the Right Price for a Flight

Searching for flights can be time consuming and complex. There are many choices which you need to make, such as which airline, date, route, schedule, and place to book. Explore the options that you have for traveling from a smaller, local airport, and always search different days and times so that you can see the best prices if you are able to be flexible. Take some time to search online to get an idea of the routes available. Many sites allow you to search different dates and airports and then show you the best prices.

4. Save Money on Food

Eating out is a major item on your Disney World vacation budget. There are so many dining opportunities . You can save hundreds of dollars on your dining out budget just by taking a few simple steps. Plan your dining, look out for dining with ‘kids eat free' options, use coupons. Staying in a Florida vacation home will save you money on food. Even if you just have one breakfast at the house you will make savings.

5. Do Something For Free

There are free things to do at Disney! You just have to know where to find them. Take a free Disney hotel tour, visit Celebration, take a Disney boat,visit the Boardwalk. These are just a few ideas of things to do which cost you nothing.

6. Avoid the Scams

Unfortunately there are a number of well known scams out there and most of these relate to tickets. You see the line ‘2 Disney tickets for $25'. Is it a scam?

A lot of the very discounted ticket deals are related to time share selling. You will be offered a discounted or free ticket in exchange for your ‘time' in attending a time share presentation. I feel that my time is worth much more than attending a time share presentation and potentially being subjected to some high pressure sales techniques. I would rather spend my time finding out how to save money. Only buy tickets from Disney or their authorized agents.

7. Time is Money

This well known phrase holds so true for your Walt Disney World vacation. It is no use having an affordable Disney World vacation if you then are too exhausted to enjoy it. Just take some time in planning before you go. If you are familiar with the basic ideas of the layout of the parks and what rides you may want to see when you get there, you are going to have a much more enjoyable vacation.

So now you have the money saving secrets to enjoy a fabulous Disney World family vacation.

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