A Quick Review of Disney World Packages

Disney’s vacation packages are an attractive solution to the hidden fees and costs associated with Disney World. It used to be that these packages only offered convenience to the families since their true cost was actually higher than purchasing their components individually.  But there has since been a change in the pricing format, making them a viable alternative to a la carte pricing.

There are a number of different Disney vacation packages to choose from.  The most popular being the “Magic Your Way Vacation Package”.  It is not only the most affordable, but it includes the most popular features, such as accommodations at the Disney Resort, and the Magic Your Way Base Ticket (valid for admission to one park per day).  For additional cost, you can add an expiration clause that protects you from a surprise change in your itinerary. 

Upgrading to the “Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining Package” includes lodging at a Disney hotel, as well as meal vouchers valid at a number of different dining locations across the Disney complex. This entitles you everyday to one table service meal with an appetizer, entree, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage, one counter service meal with entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage, and one snack (ice cream, popcorn, soft drink, etc).

The next level of vacation package is the “Magic Your Way Premium Package”.  Living up to its premium tag, this deluxe package includes just about everything: hotel accommodations, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and unlimited access to golf, miniature golf, water sports and other recreations. You also receive admission to Cirque du Soleil, and other featured tours and attractions.  Children booked under the premium package receive access to the activities hosted at the Disney Children Activity Center.

For those who desire the ultimate Disney experience, the “Magic Your Way Platinum Package” is the way to go.  In addition to all of the features included at the premium level, you also receive a spa treatment, and access to several services.  These include; private golf lessons, a reserved seat to the Fantasmic fireworks show, unlimited childcare in the Child Activity Centers, a ride on the Fireworks Cruise, itinerary planning services, in-room child care, a keepsake souvenir, and turndown service.  All of these features make the platinum package the most luxurious offering at Disney World.

All of these packages can take the hassle out of booking your Disney vacation, but they should not be used to solely to save money.  True thrift seekers will find the additional work of reserving these accommodations and services separately will ultimately be cheaper.  But for piece of mind, and saving time, Disney Vacation Packages are tough to beat. 

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  2. I wanted to alert folks interested in Disney vacations that it might be a whole lot cheaper to book just rooms and NOT packages. We recently had to cancel a vacation package booked at the Grand Floridian due to a bad turn in my husband’s health. Because I had booked a ‘package’ and not just a room, I was charged $200 cancellation fee plus the $133.30 ‘insurance’ fee for canceling within 44 days. If I had just booked a room, I would have been able to cancel within 5 days for NO money. I could have used that $333.30 to buy an 8-day ticket! So, they kept $333.30 of my hard-earned money and I got nothing! Additionally, when I did the math on the ticket portion of the package, it added up to more than the cost of two 6-day tickets (which is what we wanted). PLUS, I’ve had a real tug-of-war getting my total refund back from Disney. There attitude really boils down to, ‘that’s the way it is.” So, I would urge folks to consider all contingencies..if there is ANY chance of plan change- it really is cheaper to just book a room!

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