Finding a House for your Disney Trip

One of the most famous attractions in the state of Florida for any family vacation is undoubtedly Disneyland. Offering 4 theme parks that operate from dawn past dusk, a visit to Disneyland falls into the lists of most people for Places To Visit Before I Die. With a land mass that rivals some small towns (and a few larger ones too!), Disneyland isn't a place you can cover easily in a day or even a week.

To that end, most vacation goers plan their Disney family trips to last for weeks and even months at a time. Given this, it becomes hell on the budget to stay at a hotel for that long a period. For extended stays, it is both more economical and far more comfortable to rent a summer home. Enterprising citizens and tourism companies down in Florida offer thousands of vacation homes for rent all year round, and you should take advantage of these for your stay down in Disneyland. Here are a few tips to take when looking for a good vacation rental home.

Where to Look? – checking the internet and classified ads is a quick and easy way to at least canvas places which you can take as options for your rental home. Travel booking agencies are also a good way to look, albeit pricier since the agencies will probably be getting their own percentage off the deal. Look for ones located in Orlando, Florida, and keep in mind that the closer it is to Disney land, the more expensive it usually gets. Grab a map of Florida to look for places that will pass through easy thoroughfares so in case you can't afford a place that's within spitting distance of the park, you'll at least be able to find a reasonable one that will allow you to get there with a quick drive.

Price and Terms – look at the going rate for the places you'll be canvassing, and know how long you'll be staying. More often than not, rental homes charge less per day if you're staying a longer duration overall. These added discounts can help a lot. Plus, also check and see if you have to shoulder any additional costs for the house like electricity and water, of if they are included in the rental fee already. What might seem to be a cheaper offer can actually rack up more expenses if you have to cover your own day to day expenditures on the house.

Additional Features – the point of going on a vacation is to relax and unwind. Disneyland itself night be a fun place to visit, but admittedly tromping around all day can get tiring, especially when you're steering your little herd of kids. So, you might want to consider a rental house that's a bit pricier but has added stuff like a jaccuzzi, pool, sauna, game room, and A/V entertainment room. These little touches can help you unwind after a long day of keeping your kids from kicking Donald Duck in the butt.

Transportation – make sure that the place has got a garage. Whether you're bringing your own car or renting one out when you get there, keep in mind that your kids KNOW that the family's on vacation, and may demand things like sudden trips to the pizza parlor or a sudden run for ice cream. Having a car handy at all times lessens the migraine.

Other Destinations – keep other destinations in mind. Florida is a big place, and aside from Disneyland, there are beaches for surfing, animal parks, coral reefs for scuba divers, and rivers with manatees. You may want to check these other places out when you're on vacation, so factor them in when planning the location of the house that you'll be renting.

Security and Comfort – lastly but definitely not least, look at the basic features of the house you'll be renting. Make sure that it runs well with a fully furnished kitchen, bath, bed, and dining rooms. Also look into the neighborhood that the house is located in and make sure that it's got good security. Lastly, call the local town management office in the area to check for any funny ordinances that may trip you up, like prohibitions on alcohol, loud music, etc.

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