How Can Disney World Be Affordable?

Affordable Disneyworld? I know, I know, I must be out of my mind right? Well then, I’ve got some good news for you. It is very possible to afford Disneyworld! Here are some money saving tips:

Don’t buy souviners every day. Being in the magical location of Disney makes it hard to resist buying every cool item you see. Spending can really get out of control this way. I would strongly suggest waiting until your last day to buy your souviners. This way you can make the best decision fo what you will spend your money on, since you have had time to see everything that’s out there.

Make sure you are clever and careful with your food costs. You can eat breakfast in the hotel, and then pack lunches and take them into the park with you. Disney allows you to bring your own backpacks, you don’t even have to sneak it in! We saved so much money doing this. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on souviners? Once you eat your meals, that money is gone, souviners are forever!

Make absolutely sure to find every available discount and coupon. You can always count on there being discounts somewhere, you just have to look for them. The internet is a great help with this. We were fortunate enough to buy our park tickets at a nice discount at a local grocery store right in Orlando.

Be sure to vacation during the “off” season. Of course this may prove difficult since you have to pull the kiddies out of school, but you can put an educational spin on things by having them write a report about what they experience in Disneyworld. This way the days they miss will be excused. Being in Disney World during the off season can save you a huge chunk of cash.

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