Volunteer for Free Disney World Admission in 2010

Disney World will introduce a novel way to recognize volunteers in 2010 with their “Give a Day – Get a Disney Day” promotion. The program will entitle participants to a free 1 day admission when they donate their time to a specified non-profit organization.

Here is how the volunteer program works…

Volunteers over the age of 18 must first register at the Disney World website. An additional eight members of the same household can be registered under the primary account. This includes children between the ages of 6 and 17.

Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso enjoys day trip to Disney World

Beginning in January 2010, the website will feature a searchable list of approved organizations. The majority of eligible volunteer opportunities will be from the HandsOn Network and the Points of Light Institute, although other outside organizations may be included. Only those organizations listed on the Disney website will qualify for the “Give a Day – Get a Disney Day” program.

After the service work has been verified by the eligible organization and submitted to Disney World, the account holder will receive a confirmation email. The user can then print the email voucher and redeem at the Disney World ticket with a valid ID.

If you have already purchased tickets to Disney World, or if you are an annual pass holder, the email voucher may be used alternatively for a 1 day admission at the following Disney properties…

Disneyland Park
Disney's California Adventure Park
Magic Kingdom Theme Park
Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Epcot Center
Disney's Hollywood Studios

Ticket quantities for this promotion are limited, although Disney has not said how many will be available. Also, there are certain blackout dates that apply depending on which park you are visiting.

“Give a Day – Get a Disney Day” vouchers are NOT valid for…

– Walt Disney World admission on March 29 – April 8 and July 4, 2010.

– Disneyland admission on February 13-14, March 21, June 21-22, July 4, November 21, and December 11-12, 2010.

It is assumed that this promotion will replace the 2009 Free Admission on Your Birthday Program, but nothing official has been stated yet.

29 thoughts on “Volunteer for Free Disney World Admission in 2010”

  1. How long after one does a day of volunteer work can they get and use their free ticket at the Dinsey Properties?
    Thank You Very Much,

  2. Hi Susan,

    You should allow up to 2 weeks from your service date to receive your email confirmation from Disney World.

    After you register and volunteer, the service organization sends a report to Disney World, who then sends you the confirmation.

    Hope this helps!

  3. If you volunteer when you are 16, but are going to Disney when you are 17 (within the same year) can you get a free ticket with the Give a Day promotion?

  4. Is there a deadline for using the volunteer voucher? Wil I be able to use it on Dec 25/26 2010?


  6. Hi there,

    I signed up last week and had not received a confirmation from the volunteer organization… The website indicated there would be a lag time of 3 – 5 days before we receive a reply. I’ve returned to website today in an effort to find out why I had not received a reply to find the program has been canceled!

    I was unable to sign up until I received confirmation from the volunteer organization! Is there anything I; moreover, anything you can do!!!

  7. I signed up to volunteer where it stated if I completed my volunteer work I would get tickets for my whole family. I completed my volunteer work and only got confirmation for a ticket for me. How do I get my family’s vouchers?

  8. Bonnie –
    Only 1 ticket is issued per person per day of service. Each member of your family would have had to participate as individuals in order to receive a Disney World ticket.

  9. My family and I wanted to sign up for the progran volunteer a day get a day and came to find out it cancel. We were waiting for grandma to finaly get a weekend off so we could do it as a family. Could you let me know if it is still posible to participate. Thank you.

  10. Disney talks a big game, but so often it is nothing but disappointment. Last year in 2009, you guys pulled the big free on your birthday promotion. After renting a car, paying for a room, and parking, I was told it was to late for my December birthday to be allowed. BIG EXPENSE!!
    And now this year, you Disney said in 2010 would be a day free if one volunteered, July-December is still 2010. It’s amazing how Disney is ALL TALK.

  11. Hello I am asking if the Disney volunteer accept 9-15 years old people? , and what Are the activities for them? Thank you.

  12. My husbamd and I will be in Orlando in early Feb. When can we volunteer in the St. Louis area for a ticket for 2011 in February?
    Thank You..

  13. Hi. My family completed the give a day get a day program earlier this year. I got the email from disney saying that they received confirmation that we did volunteer. My husband and I want to take our children to Disneyland this Friday, December 10, 2010, but I’m unable to print the vouchers for all 5 of us. Please help!! Thank you!!

  14. I received my vouchers in my email but haven’t printed them out. Now that I want to print them out it says that the website is closed. Can you tell me where to go to print them out. Its urgent that I find out because I plan to go on the 15th. Thank you.

  15. Tara / Jennifer – I do not have a direct answer for you. Please call the guest services line at (407) 939-6244. They will be able to help you with everything.

  16. Hello! Was wondering what the promotion for 2011 will be? My fiance I are aching to go to Disney for our Honeymoon! Thank you!!

  17. Hi Peanut – No word yet on any promotions similar to this one or the birthday one. We’ll update if anything changes.

  18. hello- Im wondering the same as everyone else about what disney will be doing this year. I dont know what website im on, Ive been searching through different websites. Anyways thought id leave a comment so i may receive an email when the information is available. Please email me and let me know!

  19. I would like to know when Disney plans to have another Give a Day in 2011. Please let me know. Thank you

  20. Is the “Give a Day – Get a Disney Day” program still functional or is there another way to give community service to Disney and maybe get a free ticket along with the volunteerment I’ll give?

  21. “Give a Day – Get a Disney Day” is no longer available. Disney World has not replaced the program with anything in 2011 or beyond.

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