Disney Vacation Example Budget

One of the hardest things to estimate about your first vacation to Disney World is the cost for each line item in your budget. In this post I want to share an example budget that might help you predict more of the secondary costs. Obviously each family has different needs, but I think this is a decent outline of what to expect.

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Free WIFI Locations at Disney World

You might be surprised to learn that Disney World is not a very WIFI friendly location. That being said, new access points are being added every year. Here are you’re best bets for finding a free WIFI location in 2012:

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How to Get Free Birthday Surprises at Disney World

Disney World might well be the best place to celebrate your child’s birthday. Where else can you combine the usual birthday traditions with amazing rides and your favorite Disney characters? But DW is more than just a great backdrop for your child’s special day, if you plan ahead you can enjoy some great freebies as well.

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Disney Rewards Visa Offers in the Mail

I received an invitation to apply for the Chase Disney Rewards Visa in the mail today. And while our family uses a different credit card rewards program, I thought I would review the offer since there are some decent benefits tied directly to Disney World vacations.

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Balancing Your Budget and Sanity at WDW

Guest Post by Elizabeth Atwood at Rock-A-Bye Parents For many people a trip to Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime thing. The problem I often see because of this is that a lot of families want to fit everything into their one trip. This causes vacation burn out and it can lead … Read more