Disney World: Tips for Taking Young Kids

Disney World is the perfect vacation destination for families of all sizes and ages.  The park was built with kids in mind, and you will find that it offers plenty of conveniences for families.  That being said, every parent who has small children knows that any major excursion with little ones can be overwhelming.

But you can have fun with young kids at Disney, even if your three-year-old is two hours past his nap time.  The key is to have some unique strategies planned to keep your kids interested in their surroundings.  Here some tips that will make things easier.

Plan Plenty of Play TimeDisney World and Kids
In all fairness to our little ones, it is not easy being cooped up in a stroller all day.  There is so much to do at Disney and as a parent you can expect that your child will want to participate in all of the fun.  You can prevent boredom and crankiness by taking advantage of the many play areas within the park.  Get your kids out of the stroller as much as possible so that they can burn off some of their excitement and wonder.  If you want to visit some of the more adult attractions, do so in moderation and try to plan them after your small ones have had their chance to play.

Bring Extra Clothes
This may be an obvious tip to an experienced parent, but it is still worth mentioning.  Disney World is filled with fountains, ice cream, and other goodies that have the potential of being messy.  No one wants to be stuck with a wet shirt or dirty pants, so make sure you have a spare outfit on the ready.  This will allow you to let your kids run wild, while feeling comfortable that you have a backup plan if they get a little too caught up in the excitement.

Keep Their Minds Occupied
Kids rarely complain about anything when they are having fun, but the crankiness grows as soon as boredom sets in.  You can counter this behavior by keeping your kids engaged with their surroundings.  Invent little games and goals to encourage their participation.  You can give them their own disposable camera, have them collect autographs, or simply count all of the Mickey Ears they see.   These simple games will keep them occupied during downtimes like waiting in line or walking to the next destination.

Souvenirs on the Last Day Only
Every parent knows what it is like to try and escape the toy store without your kid asking for something.  Well the toy store is nothing compared to all of the trinkets you will find for sale at Disney.  In order to maintain your sanity and budget, make a pact with your children that they can each have two or three souvenirs on the last day of your vacation.  Encourage them to browse the stores and think carefully about what they want.  This will create excitement and anticipation while preventing you from hearing “mommy please” at every turn down the midway.

Disney World was made to accommodate all children of all ages, but that doesn’t mean that parents won’t need some tricks up their sleeve in order to survive multiple days at the park. By utilizing some of the tips here, you can create a winning situation for both you and your little ones.

2 thoughts on “Disney World: Tips for Taking Young Kids”

  1. This isn’t so much a comment,.. rather a question. I will be a 1st time Disney Vacationer w/ my children. I have a 3 & 9yr. old. I thought, “Finally,.. they are both the perfect age I can take them together to DW!” From your article I just read, I am getting the feeling there will not be any attractions/activities for my toddler to participate in. Is this so? Please let me know before I spend what was to be my husband and I’s european vacation/honeymoon we never had, on Disneyworld for my girls. I want them both to enjoy it as much as the other. I would like your or someones advice. Thanks. ~I’ve been busy printing out these tips all night as I am about to book a DW Vacation and found these articles useful,.. until I reached this one. Any advice/opinions would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Marshall.
    Could not stop myself from answering your question.
    Don’t worry, there’s plenty for your 3 year-old to do and see. IN fact, she can go on most rides/shows. And belive me, she will enjoy it tremendously!
    I have been taking my little ones every year starting at their FIRST birthday and they have gotten plenty out of it everytime. Just keep in mind that is VERY likely you won’t get to do and see everything as I highly reccomend setting your pace by the little one’s needs… Look into what each park has to offer, what she can and cant do, and make sure that for every ride she cant go n, the next will be one she can go…
    My kids are not stroller nappers, so we always stay on property, on the Disney’s Value Resorts, and plan for a trip back to the hotel miday for a swim and a nap. Even if your oldest wont nap, she can play at the resort (where they have arcades, etc) while the little one recharges her batteries. Just a thought.
    But dont think for a minute they wont both enjoy it because they definetly will!
    Hope this helps!

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