Disney World Savings Guide

One of the hardest parts of planning for your Disney World vacation is trying to determine the best ways to save money on your trip.  There is a fine line between finding the best deal and cheapening your family’s experience.  You always want to maximize your budget, but you also want to fulfill everyone’s expectations on the trip.

Our pick as the best resource for planning a fun and budget-friendly trip is the Disney World Savings Guide written by Beth Haworth.  Beth is a former employee of Disney World and she has combined her work experience with a vast knowledge of the Orlando area to write the most comprehensive book on vacationing at Disney.

As you would expect from a book of this nature, there are plenty of insightful tips to help you find the biggest discounts on travel and park tickets, but it is the other tidbits of information she includes that separates this guide from any other product on the market.

Beth redefines the title of “park expert” by offering hundreds of little-known strategies to improve your family’s stay at Disney World.  From finding to the best restaurants to avoiding long lines, the Disney World Savings Guide is much more than just a book on saving money – it is the complete resource to having a great vacation.

At only $29.95 you will undoubtedly get your money back on this investment as the average customer saves hundreds of dollars on their vacation.  Since it comes in an ebook format, you will be able to download it and start reading right away (no waiting for mail delivery).  Best of all it includes a money back guarantee and lifetime access to future updates.

We are happy to give Beth Haworth’s Disney World Vacation Guide our full endorsement.  The information she provides is invaluable for first-timers, but even seasoned Disney travelers will find countless ways to improve their next visit to America’s favorite theme park.

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2 thoughts on “Disney World Savings Guide”

  1. Hello,

    Several months ago I ordered your book in the internet form. Unfortunately, I lost all information when my computer went down. Is there any way that I could download another copy to my computer.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Linda Gibbs

  2. Hi Linda-
    We don’t actually publish the book. It is written by Beth Haworth and we just recommend it as a great resource for Disney visitors. Try contacting the author directly through her website.

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