Making Disney World Affordable

Family vacations to Disney World are a special treat for everyone.  While there is no question you will have a great time with everyone, there is always a budget element that comes into play.  No one wants to put too many restrictions on their vacation, but you also don’t want to go broke in the process.  Here are some tips to making your Disney World Vacation more affordable.

Consider a Rental Home
There are plenty of hotels to choose from in the Disney World area, but they can be very expensive during peak times.  One option to avoid these exorbitant fees is to research rental homes in the Orlando.  There are always plenty to choose from and most are only 10 minutes away from the park.  Not only is the rent cheaper, but you will be able to cook your meals which will save you hundreds.Affordable Disney World

Save on Souvenirs
Everyone is going to want to take back a little piece of Disney with them from your trip.  This is expected, but you set some round rules to avoid being bombarded with requests.  If you child is old enough then you can give them an allowance and explain that this is all they get.  If you have small kids, then it is best to promise them something in the last couple days of your trip.  Tell them to shop around and find which item they really want.  If possible, do your souvenir shopping outside of the park for more affordable options.

Always Call for the Best Deals
No matter where you buy your accommodations and Disney World park tickets from, make sure you actually speak to a customer service agent.  Online bargains can be tempting, especially when they offer instant access, but you would be surprised how much you can sometimes save by talking with an operator.  They know what is available, and they also have the power to customize reservations to fit your needs and budget.

Do Your Research
Nothing will ever save you as much money on your Disney vacation as research will.  Not everyone has the luxury to plan way in advance, but those that do should be using the internet to shop for bargains.  There are also books like the Disney World Savings Guide that are perfect for first time visitors to Disney World.  Everything you need to know about saving money is laid out in this excellent resource.

You can make Disney World affordable, but the only way to achieve it is by planning ahead and knowing what to expect.  Don’t be afraid to look at options outside of the Disney World Park.  This is where many of the cheapest options are located.

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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to plan a Disney World vacation for my 9 year old son’s birthday this summer. We’ve never been to Disney World. What are some of the packages and what do they include as well as payment options?

    Very Respectfully,

    Markeeta Hardin

  2. I am looking for a affordable family package for 5 people and for a 7 night stay where do I look?

    Dona Vescio

  3. I have a one year old that is still doing an am and sometime a pm nap as well as a seven year old. So I’d love to find a place that was easy to scoot to and from but also had a kitchen. Do any of the resorts on the monorail have kitchens or is ther other options to consider?

  4. hi i am looking for disney ticket for a cheap price for my husband and my son for 2 day passes. we never went and the disney website is too expensive. if someone can help me it was be great.

  5. Hi,
    I am looking for a disney package for 2 adults and 3 kids. Ages at the time of travel will be 16, 8, and 6. Can you give us options with/without dining and with/without theme park tickets. We are looking for a very reasonable package/value saver. Thanks

  6. I would like to take my children and grand children to Disney World for my 60th birthday – without breaking the bank- my children teach and can only go during the April ( Easter break) – we would also qualify for the Fla.residence deals- any suggestions – air fair for 8 people is also a factor.

  7. Hi Barbara,
    Sorry to say that spring break is a busy time to go to Disney World, so you won’t find the best deals then. You can however save money by staying at a value resort.

  8. Hi my name is vanda I have Three kids I’m plan for a vacation to Disney world in May I’m look for the best deal to save me money in stay on the nice resort.

  9. Hi, Help ! I have a dream to take my family to Disneyland in Orlando, Fl. I really mean a dream. I am a 58 year old widow. who as a deep yearning to be able to take my 15 year old daughter and my older daughter and her two daughters to see Disney and all of its magic. I have struggle all of of my life. So I know in my heart that we can not afford this trip, but I know it never hurts to bring a thought to the table and maybe there is away to make our dreams to come true. So who ever reads this and knows an inexpensive way to get to that magical place please let me know.

  10. Hello, I recently got a phone call from a company (United) who said I won a trip to Disney, Daytona, and either Mexico or the Bahamas. It sounded great. I got all the way through the call and then they wanted my credit card #. I wouldn’t give it because they couldn’t tell me what contest I entered to win the trip. I would like to know if it was real.
    It also make me think about taking a vacation to Disney, my son is eight and he would love it! I would like to know what time of year would be the least busy, and the cheapest.

  11. Amie its a credit card scam!!!!! don’t fall for it! if you do a simple google search it pops up multiple times.

    i had the same call saying i apparently won a trip for up to 4 people which i had to take within the next 12 months but i had the option to extend the time so long as i gave them 30 day advance notice. the trip was for 5 days and 4 nights at a resort near universal studios (room service not included), 7 days rental car with unlimited milage, tickets to disney , some kinda “magic card” to use towards dinner and souvenirs, 4 days 3 nights on Daytona beach with access to everything in the hotel, AND few nights in either the bahamas or mexico where i could swim with dolphins and whatever. she even went as far as to say that it WASNT a contest and that its a promotional giveaway and therefor they just write it off as advertising.

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