2011 Chase Disney Rewards Card Promotion

For a limited time, new applicants of the Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card can get a one-time $40 statement credit and special financing terms on Disney World Vacations.

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The Disney Rewards Visa Card has long been a favorite for budget-conscious Disney goers. It features such perks as earning Disney Rewards Dollars, discounts on merchandise, and special savings on guided tours of the theme park. Card members earn rewards dollars for every purchase they make with the card, and these can be redeemed for Disney gift cards, dining certificates, and a wide selection of Disney toys and memorabilia.

Right now, by applying for the card through the Disney World website, Chase is offering a $40 statement credit after the initial use of your new card. The credit will applied to your account approximately 8 weeks after the first transaction. There are no restrictions on how much you spend or where you make the first purchase.

In addition to the $40 statement credit, new members also receive a special financing offer on Disney World vacation packages. Get a 0% promotional APR for the first 6 billing cycles following the purchase date for each qualifying Disney vacation package. Note that your account must be in good standing at the time you book your package.

This 0% interest offer for 6 months is a great way to finance your vacation without incurring the fees or interest charges associated with a bank loan or standard credit card purchase. It also provides an opportunity to earn Disney Rewards Dollars from the purchase of your vacation. The current exchange rate of rewards dollars is 1% of all purchases made with the card. So if you spent $2500 per month on the card, you would earn 25 rewards dollars each month. That equals $300 you can apply to your vacation or Disney gift cards.

So in short, the Disney Chase card is a great way to get earn credits on your vacation with items you purchase everyday. It also provides a low cost solution for financing your vacation. And remember, the finance offer is valid 6 months AFTER you purchase date, so you don’t necessarily need to book your vacation right after you get the card.

3 thoughts on “2011 Chase Disney Rewards Card Promotion”

  1. Monday, April 4th, I was purchasing tickets for Magic Kingdom and before checkout was offered the Chase card with a $40.00 credit on my 1st statement. I took advantage of the offer, applied and was immediately approved for $2,000.00. When I tried to purchase the tickets the website did not work; it kept asking for the card number and security code. I called Chase and was told they could not give me the numbers for security reasons…yet was promised they would mail the card Express Mail since I needed it before Friday April 8th which is the date I was travelling. They said card would arrive between 1 and 2 days…
    As of today, April 12th, the card has not arrived! I was really dissappointed since I was unable to save the $40.00 on my ticket purchases. I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping the card now…

  2. My friend obtained a disney rewards credit card and received a $200.00 gift card for disney free, how can I receive this? We already have a vacation booked for disney for Nov 2011 so I am anxious to know about the FREE $200.00 gift card when I open a Chase Disney Rewards Credit card….

  3. The $200 promo comes in the mail periodically. Usually every 3 months or so. Watch for it in your mail.

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