Disney World Trip Cost Estimate

A couple of years ago we ran a sample budget for a trip to Disney World.  That was a long time ago when you think about the recent spike in oil prices and food costs, so it is time to run an update.  Here is a basic cost estimate for a a family of four to visit the Magic Kingdom in 2011.

First, a little bit about our example family…

The Flanagan Family has 2 adults and 2 children under 9 years old. They are traveling to Orlando from Kansas City for a 7 day/ 6 night vacation.

Arrive on June 19, 2011 and depart on June 26, 2011

Now you can do Disney World many different ways, but for this case study we looked for cheap but sensible options. Seven days is a long time away from home so we tried to incorporate a few “creature comforts” like rental car, other entertainment, etc.

Travel Costs:
– Airline Tickets (round trip – 1 stop each way) = $1750.00

– Full-Size SUV Rental Car (located in airport terminal) = $716.92
($483.00 base rate + $99 child seats + $134.02 taxes and fees)

– Double Queen Room at the Galleria Palms in Orlando = $461.04
($63 per night + $5 daily resort fee + 13% tax)

Total Travel and Lodging = $2927.96

Park Admission:
– 4 Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Ticket = $1098.00
(2 Adults @ $71.50 per day and 2 Kids @ $65.75 per day)

– 1 Day Admission to SeaWorld = $287.96
(4 Tickets @ $71.99 each – includes online purchase discount)

Total Cost of Park Tickets = $1385.96

Food and Miscellaneous Budget:
– Food ($60 adults per day & $30 kids per day) = $630.00

– Souvenirs and other attractions ($75 per day x 5 days) = $375.00

– Gas for Rental Car = $100.00

– Emergencies and Special Treats = $250.00

Total Food and Misc. = $1355.00

Total Disney Trip Cost Estimate = $5668.92

A couple quick notes about this cost estimate…
– The food budget is probably on the high end, especially on the travel days. You could also save some money here by bringing your own snacks into the park.

– The rental car would be considered optional by some folks considering many hotels provide a shuttle service to the park. In reality though I think a car is a must-have for a family staying this long. There are a lot of other things to see and do in Orlando.

– The SeaWorld trip is obviously optional, but it is a great option for mixing things up during the week.

– Visiting Disney World in June is considered a peak season with all of the schools out for the summer, so you might be able to find cheaper option during the off-seasons. That being said, it is hard to argue $63 dollars at night at the Galleria Palms!

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